We manufacture, personify and print the cards ...

... and according to your wish send them directly to your customers. And that is still not all!

Výroba, potisk, personifikace plastových karet

Thanks to the efficiency of our work, we managed ...

... to combine high-quality with reasonable price. And that is what really matters!

Kvalitní plastové karty za rozumnou cenu

Manufacturing plastic cards is one thing ...

... but to bring them alive is a completely different matter requiring experience. And after 9 years, we indeed have some!

Komplexní služby v oblasti výroby a distribuce plastových karet

Cards personification

Plastic cards personification

Give your customers their own cards!

Make them understand you mean business.

Mailing of cards

Mailing of plastic cards

Do not waste your time at the post office, we will send everything for you!

And we will also prepare an accompanying letter with original graphics.



Welcome to our new web presentation www.blackcard.cz

Get to know our products and services concerning predominantly production, personification and sending of plastic cards.


Will you design the plastic card graphics, or do we have to provide our own design?

We are happy to prepare a card design for you in our DTP studio. You will only provide the data that shall be on the card along with your logo ...
Plastic cards